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Mark Langenkamp

I don't know if this is related. I am new to this puzzle book. I ordered a used copy of the book and got a signed copy--signed, it says, by the co-author. The name of the co-author may already be known to you and others, but I neither know the name nor can I fully read the inscription. It reads, "All the best! D-[unreadable] CO-AUTHOR”. The point of this comment is that the illegible part of the autograph could be "Thomas" though I cannot read a single letter after the "D-".


Hey Mark,

The name signed should read D Burden

Come join us at Tweleve and catch up on whats been happening so far with Maranatha. i beleive it is the most active forum on the net for this puzzle

The Blue Warlock

has the puzzle been solved yet???

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