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do you post on the 12 page?

Rob Dixon

Yes, I post there under the id "rdix".

I haven't been very active there lately because I think the "signal to noise" ratio has declined in recent months. I do check out the forums from time to time though.

Are you on Tweleve as well?


Thank you for responding I like the 12 site but no one sticks to the subject or post in chains which I did not get at first but do now.
Do you think the Puzzle is connected to taro cards? I get a feeling they are, I also think its political in its message but no one seams to want to touch politics! which could make solving the puzzle hard to solve! I post as 1Anath so you will know my post if you look some are pretty dumb but hey.
Its hard to know when you are on the right track or some one is leading you down a wrong path very frustrating.
Any way great site keep up the good work.

Justin Case

The pigpen has helped me and my people for a long time i am new to it so i am just now recognising it.


Thanks this was super helpful.
Normally awful at decoding, I lose track of what I'm doing, but your system helped.

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