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As soon as I read the article, I, as well, grabbed few high res pictures online and played around a bit. I did find some of the 'discoveries' that you made as well, such as the dual axis symmetry and the 'meditating Christ' part. Well, after wasting large portion of my day, I also found some other interesting stuff. A major one is that because John lies at 45 degrees, when the images is mirrored, it forms a 90 degree square. Through this, a Masonic Square and Compass can be seen. I know Freemasonry started at around 1600, a century after DaVinci's death, but its still very interesting how neatly the Masonic symbol lies on top of John and the arch above Jesus.

Also, if you shift the mirror image just a bit more, you can see that not only is the guy in orange holding a 'baby' but also John's face is neatly tucked in the orange guys other hand.

Other things include, when the image is flipped along the centre axis, the stone on the left beside the arch above Jesus is pointed by the guy (wearing green)beside Jesus.


Did you try to turn the painting 180 degrees (AASB)? Then make the Son a sun. Look for the Holy Grail on the right side, around the horizontal symmetry axis. If you shift the axis you can watch a story. Now, I wonder how the hell can a human paint that. I guess he just liked mirrors, a lot.


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