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Does anyone have a list of the subset of CSS properties TextField.StyleSheet handles?


This may help.

Test a movie with an imported stylesheet, and select Debug->List Variables. You'll get something like the following for each stylesheet class, even if you've actually got the class setting only one property:

h1:[object #17, class 'TextFormat'] {
font:[getter/setter] "URWEgyptienneT",
size:[getter/setter] 18,
color:[getter/setter] 0x000000,
url:[getter/setter] null,
target:[getter/setter] null,
bold:[getter/setter] null,
italic:[getter/setter] null,
underline:[getter/setter] null,
align:[getter/setter] null,
leftMargin:[getter/setter] null,
rightMargin:[getter/setter] null,
indent:[getter/setter] null,
leading:[getter/setter] null,
blockIndent:[getter/setter] null,
tabStops:[getter/setter] null,
bullet:[getter/setter] null,
display:[getter/setter] "block"

Of course, the names of the properties in Actionscript are different both from the list above and from the css properties you've used to set them. (Want to set the font? Both "font" and "font-family" will silently fail. Flash will cooperate if you use "fontFamily")

But that's intellectual property for you.


I can't get your code example... seems to be very interesting but no file at all :(


I want to have different style sheets for diffrent texts of same text filed.Is it possible?


Ah thank you. A big fat cigar for you. You've just spared me three hours of headaches!

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