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Rostislav Siryk

You guys made a good work! Your posters are more up-to-date than Rocketboot's Flex 2 API Reference Posters (they were made for Flex 2 Beta 2) and look cute.

BTW, we using Sparx Enterprise Architect in creation of our Flex application too, and the tool is great.


Any idea how to get an xml class/package structure from asdocs? I mean instead of just html, how can I get an xml hierarchy of things such as what you'd need to create uml. Thanks.

Rob Dixon

Hey a,

Your answer is in my other blog post about generating XML from ASDoc:

You came to the right place. :)


Would you please tell me how to convert from xml to Xmi ?? PLEASE

Samuel Agesilas

Great post Rob,

I've been working on a cross platform UML editor for a while now and I will be having a private alpha that I would love for you to be a part of. More information can be found here

Samuel Agesilas


can you explain how you "...exported the diagrams in Adobe Illustrator format." I can't seem to get anything useful with Enterprise Architect except for *.emf which Illustrator pretty much chokes on. Not to mention that if the diagram is fairly complex, breaking it up into workable/usable design layers is PAINFUL to say the least. Maybe Rick could give me some pointers on the Enterprise Architect > Illustrator conversion?


Hi, this thread is brilliant, thanks, though I am in need for some more info.
I managed to create the XML output of my AS project.
Now you mentioned that you converted it to XMI using XSL. That part I'm a bit baffled. Is there anyway you can explain how exactly it's been done? Could you be able to provide us with the XSL you created?

Many thanks :)


Still amazed by the posters, but is there any chance that we are to see the XSLT you used for transformation.
I'm taking part in the development of the open source Sandy 3D Engine, and would like to use the ASDoc output to generate UML.

( )



I installed everything but I need to transform XML into XMI. I undestand that I need an XSL file to do the mapping in xml xmi. Where can I find it? Or can I do differently, how?

Thanks :)


Can you please tell us how to convert from XML to XMI ??


Hello Rob,

We will release soon a UML modeling tool with bi-directional ActionScript code synchronization support.

If interested, take a peek at
Btw, the tool is called UML4AS - UML for ActionScript and Flex.



+1 please provide the xslt used for transformation.


Have you tried Crocus Modeller ( to create sweet UML posters?

I'd recommend that.

Account Deleted

Excellent post. I will try all those links. Which are displayed at your post. Thanks a lot for this category.

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