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Jeremy Holland

This post is literally my savior - boss wants every class documented with a big old hunk of commentary at the top, and I was going to have to edit the generated HTML to do it otherwise. THANK YOU!!!

Jeremy Holland

Actually, just found what appears to be a small issue ( I may be mistaken - the options may have changed and I'm just not aware of it ). If you declare custom namespaces for external swc libraries in your MXML component, and then use the -external-library-path option to tell ASDoc to ignore it, it still seems to try to look for it when it parses that xml namespace attribute, and fires an error when it can't. Here's my code for reference, as AssetsPanel.mxml:

And here's the error that the new ASDoc returns:

/path/to/component/AssetsPanel.mxml(-1): Error: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: *.

If I remove the external item and thus the namespace, it works fine.

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