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You are so right....I was in Broward for the last 18 years including 2000 and 2002, for 2004 I am in Brevard County. I want you to look at these articles I have been looking up on the topic...

Look for 15 Dec

Then I found this from Jeb's race


This about Broward in 2002 Gov race...


Strange how they are using the same lines of poor black turnout and of course they "lost" those votes in 2002. Miriam Oliphant who was the elected election offical in Broward before she was conviently replaced by Jeb Bush before the pres election HATED Bush as most people in Broward do...I think its VERY suspicious. I also know that the AA were totally fired up to get him out in BOTH elections...America needs to wake up and realize that the election was hacked and the ground work was laid in 2002 and 2000. Republicans are masters of getting and having leverage.

In Bush's defence, he had way more to loose if he lost...His BF Ken Lay would go to prision for life, We would find out the truth about the war in Iraq and who is really connected to Al Quaeda and his efforts to reinstate slavery would be thwarted...Im sure you get the drift...

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