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Why doesn't somebody go to a county like De Baca and telephone all registered Democrats and ask them whom they voted for? Sure not all will answer - but it should shed some light on the situation. For example - in De Baca, out of 987 registered Dems, 280 voted for Kerry. If you get significantly more than 280 to say they voted Kerry, now you have a story. I'd do it if I had the time and money.

Rob Dixon


I agree. In De Baca, NM or Liberty, FL you could probably go hang out at the local post office or town centre and survey enough residents to find out what's going on.

I know Bev Harris and the folks at blackboxvoting.org are traveling to a few of the more suspicious vote-counting counties, but I think they'll be focusing on counting ballots and not interviewing voters.

Mike Sauber

I'm not so sure about trusting those in the Sec of state's office.
Twice in the previous year I called and talked to undersecretary Denise Lamb about my grave concerns with the touchscreen machines which don't have a verifiable paper trail.
I don't understand why she just wasn't "getting it" that we no longer trust a black box with our votes. -as if democracy and voting really mattered. She was making up reasons NOT to go to verifiable machines.

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