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ToThe President of the United States
Reality or disaster is a question this 100% disabled Veteran’s asking? I saw a VA Psy yesterday. In less than 30 minutes this Dr. wanted me to try taken a drug to allow me to sleep better and ease my anxiety. The NH Government takes my freedom for 6 months as a terrorist before dropping the bogus charges. A judge fines me over 20 thousand with no charges or trial. NH has my VA medical stopped to get me to stop my free speech about this Madbury NH family that I volunteer help. (there should be a law to prevent any government agency from using a veteran health to stop free speech) I write the governor to ask why and I am put back in jail fined 5 thousand plus expenses. NH state police enter my home to scare me to stop. The NH state police scare my wife in public at her work place twice. My wife now wants a divorce. NH governor lynch sells me time to talk, takes my money and refuses. The courts order me to see a court approved Psy. The Psy report states “the United States would be a better place with more citizens like Mr. Macdonald”. The NH newspapers and government censor my platform from the public when I ran for state office in 06. I have no memory of life prior to 74, from a traumatic brain injury that I received just after boot camp. During the Vietnam conflict I was injured twice more in separate combat support missions, I killed the enemy with a bayonet, I watched men die, I did 8 convoys as American Advisor, I crash landed in a c-117, I came back to a world that I had absolute no memory of. The Marine Corps dropped me off into a society that I did not belong.
The NH courts and government fail. The Madbury selectmen use government power to run people that they do not like out of town. The NH courts and government violate the constitution to shut me up. I served our country. I live in constant pain but refuse medication because reality is hard enough for me to understand. I wish that I had died before coming back to round eyed country. This VA Dr. is a nice person, but to use medication to make me accept reality is a disaster in NH that I can not live with. Good kids are becoming veterans with their lives so people that never served can silence this Marine. My country comes first, my family second and my self last. I struggled since I woke up in a military hospital with no memory. I struggled to adjust to learn to live in a society with out killing. I learned to live with in the law. I learned the Constitution was here to protect the citizens against government abuse. I volunteer over 1000hr/yr to ease my guilt for coming back. I accept the fact that the NH state police may shoot me as the NY police did to the groom they did not like.
When our government would rather drug a veteran before stopping government officials and judges from violating the constitution (drugs to accept reality are not the solution) taken my life would be better.
I thank the Veterans that served in our military. I thank the veterans whom gave their lives for the United States. We live in a nation where censorship is illegal just for this reason. E-mail NH governor [email protected] and [email protected]
Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
465 Packersfalls rd Lee NH 03824

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